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Visit Fakenham Golf Club

Visitors are welcome at the Club.  We are open 7 days a week from dawn ’til dusk.  On arrival, please register at the golf shop or the main Centre Office if the shop is closed.  Once you have paid your green fee, you will receive a ticket which you should keep with you at all times.  The fee will allow you full use of the golf club facilities for the day. 

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the local rules and course etiquette.  We hope you find Fakenham Golf Club a welcoming and friendly place to play golf and we hope you enjoy your visit.  Should you require any further information, please telephone the golf shop on 01328 863534.

In accordance with England Golf, Fakenham Golf Club has the following policies in place:
– Children and Young People – Safeguarding Policy
– Safeguarding Adult Policy
– Equality and Diversity Policy 2021


Current Forecast in Fakenham
Mostly Cloudy
5:34 am8:14 pm BST
Feels like: 5°C
Wind: 21km/h W
Humidity: 70%
Pressure: 1002.37mbar
UV index: 3

Green Fees

18 Holes£30.00
Day Ticket£50.00
Weekly Ticket£75.00
9 Holes£20.00
Twilight Fee (9 or 18)£20.00
County Card£25.00
Playing with a Member£15.00
Junior (18 Holes)£15.00
Junior Playing Anytime (9 Holes)£12.50
9 Hole Alliance£7.50

All green fees MUST be paid before playing.

Twilight Times

1st Apr – 31st Aug 3:00pm

1st Sept – 30th Sept 2:00pm

1st Oct – 31st Oct 1:00pm

1st Nov – 31st Mar 12:00pm

Saturday – Sunday
1st Apr – 30th Sept 2:00pm

Please Note

Members may sign in up to 3 guests.

Guests playing on the course without paying a green fee will be asked to leave the course.

Fees cannot be refunded due to bad weather during a round, unless the course is unfit for play.

Buggies are available for those that wish and can be booked in advance by telephone: 01328 855678 or 01328 862867.

Local Rules
  1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)
    a) In or beyond the stream to the left of the 1st/10th and 2nd/11th holes.
    b) Beyond any line of white stakes bounding the course.
    c) On or beyond the Racecourse on every part of the course except when playing the 5th hole and 6th hole (please see Rule 2).
    d) Beyond the white stakes to the left of the 7th hole.
  2. No Play Zone
    The racecourse area beyond the line of blue posts at the 5th/14th hole and 6th/13th hole is a “No Play Zone” from which play is prohibited.  If a player’s ball lies in such an area, or if such an area interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his/her intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 16.1.
  3. Penalty Areas (Rule 17)
    Penalty Areas are defined by red or yellow stakes.
  4. Young Tree Identified by Stakes
    If such a tree interferes with a player’s stance or the area of his/her intended swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 16.1 (Immovable Obstruction).  The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.
  5. Fixed Sprinkler Heads
    All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 16.1.  In addition, such an obstruction on or within two club lengths of the putting green of the hole being played intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief, without penalty, as follows:
    If a ball lies off the putting green but not in a penalty area or bunker and is within two club lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which:
    a) is not nearer the hole
    b) avoids such intervention
    c)is not in a penalty area or on a putting green.
  6. Nine Hole Course
    Where holes are identified by number, the local rule also applies to the corresponding hole on the second nine.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rules 2, 4 and 5:

MATCH PLAY – Loss of Hole
STROKE PLAY – Two Strokes

Course Etiquette

Dress on the Course:
Conventional golf wear is required.  Denim jeans, collarless shirts, training shoes, street shoes, tracksuits, football shirts etc. are not permitted on the golf course.  If shorts are worn, they must be tailored.  Socks must be knee length or short sports type.

Mobile Phones:
Mobile telephones must be switched off at all times when on the golf course.

Care of the Course:
We would appreciate your help in keeping the course tidy by observing the following rules:

  • Play from designated yellow and red tee markers.  White tees are reserved for club competition play only.
  • All divots made on the fairway must be replaced (and in the rough).
  • Bunkers must be raked after use.  Please leave the rake in the bunker.
  • Pitch marks on greens must be repaired.
  • Wide wheeled trolleys are allowed on the course (except when a trolley ban is in operation), but please observe directional trolley signs.
  • Please keep to pathways wherever possible.
  • Please allow greens staff to complete any maintenance work on green or fairway before continuing to play.
  • Try to avoid slow play and invite faster players to come through.
  • Place all litter in the bins provided.

We kindly advise all visiting golfers to bring carry bags during the winter months, as trolleys may not be allowed if the weather is poor.

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