Fixture Results

Here are the latest competition results.  Congratulations to all!  If you are a new member wishing to get involved, be sure to look at the fixtures page for details of future events.

Summer League 2020

Summer League 2020

Centenary Cup – 15th/16th August 2020

Centenary Cup August 2020

Seniors August Stableford – 11th August 2020

Seniors Stableford August 2020

President’s Day – 8th/9th August 2020

President's Day August 2020

President’s Mid-Week Stableford – 7th August 2020

Pres. Mid Week Stableford August 2020

August Stableford – 1st/2nd August 2020

August Stableford 2020

July Stableford – 25th/26th July 2020

July Stableford 2020

MARCH STABLEFORDmarch st result

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