December Information

December Information


Further to our previous email and trying to deal with all that is happening with Covid 19 there are some changes that we are putting into force on a temporary measure.
With the centre not allowed to be open and with our PSI screen situated there this does cause some problems.
As from today if the centre is closed then access to the screen will not be available. If the centre is manned and we am informed there are days when this will happen then the screen will be available.
The competition programme for December will be temporarily suspended but will be kept under review.
Members wishing to register casual rounds can do so if they have the WHS app on their mobile phones , or again use the PSI screen if available in the centre.
The course is closed today and an inspection will take place later.
If the course should be closed on Saturday an email will be sent out. and put on the V1 app.
Our aim in all this is to make sure the course is available for members to just play their golf. We can look forward to the new year when we hope rules will be more relaxed and can concentrate on a full progamme of events.

Follow the Rules , stay safe, play safe.

The committee.

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