Course update Friday 1st January

Course update Friday 1st January

Friday 1st January 2021.

May we wish all our members and families a happy, healthy and safe New Year and let’s look forward to getting back to enjoying our golf as we normally would like to do.

Race dates.  In January the following dates are scheduled as race days.  Monday 4th, Tuesday 19th, and  Thursday 28th.

Playing the temporary shortened course does require some changes when booking start times.  Please allow 1 hour to 1 hour  twenty minutes between the six holes circuit.  In addition please try to keep booking ahead to only one week and not two.  This would allow us to make changes quickly if we are able to play more holes.

Polite Notice.  Could members please ensure that if they are unable to make a booked start time  they cancel it themselves, and not leave to others to cancel.  This relates to both front and back start times.

Stay safe and play safe.

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